Standing Ovation Theatre Company was founded in the summer of 2009 by the Dorfman family. Through their love of the performing arts and their combined backgrounds in theatre, music and dance, the Dorfman's have created a place where children can learn, grow and explore their creativity as artists and performers. Currently, SOTC is home to hundreds of kids from South Jersey communities to include Riverside, Delran, Moorestown, Cherry Hill, Mt. Laurel, Marlton, Cinnaminson, Palmyra, Medford, Mt Holly and beyond. Our staff is made up of talented and creative professionals, who are passionate about providing quality theatre training. We offer the tools and support necessary for our students to reach their full potential. Your children will strive in our positive and fun environment and will forever be a part of our SOTC family.  

*Exciting News!  SOTC has moved to our very own studio!  We now have a home in Riverside and are excited to announce our studio name: Standing Ovation School of the Arts! Join us this fall to be part of this exciting new journey!


*NEW* 2020 Summer Programs!


"SOTC has provided so many wonderful opportunities for my daughter! Through the SOTC programs Juliana has been given the chance to make new friends in a healthy environment, build confidence by coming out of her comfort zone through audition/performance and develop both her independence and teamwork skills. It is an intense few weeks which she enthusiastically embraces each year. The challenges are there and the outcome is extremely rewarding. Feeling like part of the SOTC family is a wonderful thing for all of us!"

Paul Vilares

"So very impressed with the quality of staff and the amazing performance that comes together in just five short weeks. This program has greatly improved our son's self confidence and offered him a fun way to make new friends of all ages and keep busy during the summer. SOTC is a real gem in our community!"

Shandie Covington

"My daughter has participated in three summer camps so far! I remember the first performance she was in at SOTC just blew me away! The talent was spectacular! The show was like a professional production and it was put together in just 5 weeks! Even better than that, my daughter loves every minute of camp and doesn't want to leave at the end of the day! The Dorfman Family and staff at SOTC could not be nicer! It's like an extended family there. I feel like SOTC is the perfect blend of learning and fun! My daughter can not wait for next summer!"

Liz Baugh

"Fantastic amazing summer for my kids! We were looking for something to keep them busy over the summer, never expecting the amazing experience they would have! They have made memories of a lifetime for us all. Learning to work with kids of all ages, and how to perform on stage. Skills needed throughout life! They've made friends and put on an amazing performance! Tears of joy at the fantastic job by all! Standing ovation it was!!! My kids can't wait to return this summer! Thank you SOTC!!"

Mark and Marian Lukens

"The Dorfman family has some serious amazing talent!! From choreography to their skills in acting and dancing, along with costume design, and so much more, no detail is missed! The show was outstanding and my girls had a great first theatre camp experience. We will be back!"

Debbie Finer

Camper: "SOTC is FUN and AMAZING. There are alot of positive people there which makes the experience better. I've made alot of friends and can't wait to see them every summer. SOTC teaches me alot about acting, singing, dancing- all the thinks I LOVE! When camp is over,I never want it to end!!"
Parent: "We have been a part of SOTC for 2 fantastic summers! Jennifer can't wait for camp to start and is always sad when it ends. She has made new friends, learned new skills and is developing in so many positive ways as a result of her SOTC experiences."

Jennifer and Cathy Theil

"SOTC has turned my shy children into STARS! Usually timid and unsure of themselves, they transform into strong, confident singers and actors on stage. Watching them perform gives me such pride and admiration of all their talent and hard work. I can't think of a better way for them to spend their summer and beyond."

Allister Catlett

"My daughter Javera has cherished every minute of her years spent in SOTC. She cannot imagine spending her summer any other way. As a mother, I am grateful that she's had the opportunity to learn and grow in musical theater through the loving direction and expertise of the Dorfman family".

Maryann Chaudhry

"SOTC is such an amazing community of people. The Dorfman's do a fantastic job with the kids and bring out the best in each and every one of them. My daughter Sophia has participated in 7 productions and each year she gets more excited for the next one!
Thank you for all you do!!!"

Desiree Coluzzi


To create a positive environment for the development of children.

To encourage and nurture the enjoyment and presentation of music, dance, acting and imagination in students.

To develop and improve children's self-esteem, confidence and their ability to work cooperatively with others.

To strengthen children's and the community's respect and appreciation for performing arts.

To provide students with the necessary skills to perform.

To create an unparalleled theatre experience filled with excitement and memories for children of all ages!

301 W Washington St.  Suite 100  Riverside, NJ 08075

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