Camp 3 & 4: Teens, 13-18 yrs

July 20-August 28



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About This Production:

This camp will workshop from July 20-August 14. During that time, we will have Wednesday evening outdoor meetings from 7:00-8:30 PM at "Zarukin Acres", Miss Julie's Studio. (We will ZOOM in cases of incelement weather). There may also be some video submissions due during that month on other days of the week that each student can complete at their own time.

Our intensive will begin Monday, August 17 where we will meet in person M-F until August 28.

This is going to be an incredibly special experience. We want every teen who wants to, to be able to participate. This will be about WAY more than just "putting on a show". The cast is on the small side, so anyone who auditions to be one of the roles in the production will need to be present for all meetings/rehearsals. With that being said, there is SO MUCH to learn and experience, so we encourage anyone to sign up, even if you have vacations/other camps/etc planned during that time.

We hope to see you all this summer!



“You are here.”

That’s what you always see on a map when you’re about to start a journey. From Adam Dorfman and Julie Zarukin comes a new original musical about finding your wings – even if your flight takes shape in a way you didn’t expect.
The deadline for the dreaded school-wide essay is right around the corner, and the cat-loving principal of Gutenberg High wants you and your friends to Choose Your Own Adventure! Whatever that means. But how do you make a choice when the options don’t fit? How do you choose only what you’re allowed, when everything else is already set in stone?

Join Terrence (please don’t call him Terry), Scooter, Avery, Harriet, and the rest of the cast as we find the words, find a friend, and learn what really happened to Amelia Earhart.

Don’t miss this rare opportunity to work with the writers of an original full-length musical, both as the cast and creative team. Explore and help develop characters, concepts and storylines, reimagine and rewrite scenes and musical numbers to go from screen to stage and from stage to screen, bring the music to life with vocal arranging and orchestration, hone your own writing and acting skills with creative prompts and scenework, and see your contributions come to life like never before.

“One day, without any warning, the characters we created became real people we cared about, knew, and loved. And the crazy part was, it was like they had always existed. One of us came up with some funny line for Scooter, and the other said, ‘That’s SO Scooter.’ There is no feeling like that in the world, and we want to share it with you.”
- Julie and Adam

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