Summer Session


How do virtual camps & classes work?:

  • All camps and classes (unless otherwise noted) are held on Zoom (free on computers, iphone or android devices)

  • The instructor will act as the meeting "host" and monitor each session.

  • All attendees microphones will be muted at all times, unless asking a question or working with the teacher one on one.  The host will ask each student to "unmute" their mic when it is time to participate.

How do we prepare for Zoom sessions?

  • The device in use should be set up in a room with space and decent lighting and be fully charged or on a charger during the session.

  • Make sure the camera and audio are both working and enabled before the session.  The device in use should have the camera enabled for the entire session to ensure complete participation from students.

  • All attendees should "show up" to the workshop dressed and ready as if they were there in person!

  • Be prepared to have fun and go with the flow!

Will my child receive the same sort of focused instruction as they would in person?

  • Yes!  Our camps will have multiple instructors involved in the process. 

  • Our faculty is made up of familiar SOTC instructors and will have the same "family" environment as always!

  • We will be utilizing "Breakout Rooms" during most camp sessions and some virtual classes to work in even smaller groups.  This will allow your child to receive even more individualized attention from the instructors.

Parent & Student Testimonials

on SOTC Virtual Learning

"My boys have been doing SOTC for years. The shows are amazing and it is truly a family. During this Pandemic SOTC has been having Zoom workshops. There is something for all ages and interests. It is fun and the kids learn a lot. They have Zoom workshops with real Broadway stars as well! Most recently we had a Disney Family Game Night which was terrific. SOTC is doing an amazing job keeping everyone engaged this time." - Laura T.

"SOTC provides kids with a FANTASTIC opportunity to grow and develop a passion for the theater! The company is run by one of the most supportive and encouraging families out there. Miss Mandi, Miss Fern, and Mr. Jay all dedicate their attention and love towards ensuring that the kids have the best experience possible! Despite this being a crazy and unprecedented time, the Dorfman's have made it their priority to ensure that our kids maintain some sort of the normalcy with Zoom meetings and workshops with star that are currently on Broadway!! For this, and so much more, I thank you SOTC! Keep up the great work!" - Lauren B.

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